Trace - Pod selector not matching

There can be many things wrong with an ingress and why it does not work. One problem can be that the service label selecting the pod is incorrect or is not able to find any pod(s) with those labels current. This means that there are no endpoints for this service which means the service will not be able to route traffic to any destination.

How k8sbot can help

By asking k8sbot to trace out an ingress it will follow all of the mappings and let you know if it finds anything wrong.


@k8sbot trace ingress <ingress name>



Address: xxxx

Annotations: kong-gar

Host                Path                Backend             Service                       Pod                                                         
----                ----                -------             ========                      ===                                                         
                                                                 Port                Target    Endpoints           IP/Pod Name    Port(s)        
                                                                 ----                ------    ---------           -----------    -------
                    /                   trace-ingress-3:80       http 80/TCP         8080/TCP                                                    
                    /admin              trace-ingress-3:9090     admin 9090/TCP      9090/TCP


* There are no endpoints/pods associated with the service.  This means that there are no pods to route the ingress to.
* The service selector label(s) could be incorrect.
* There could be no pods with this service selector label(s) running.