Getting Started

We have big plans for what k8sBot will do in the future and are continually building on it. For now, here is a complete list of the specific questions that k8sBot can help you answer and the recommendations it can identify. Please send new feature ideas to us at

  1. Why is a pod pending?
    • Not enough CPU, memory, or both
    • No registry secret for a private image
    • Unable to pull private image
    • In a CrashLoopBackOff state
    • Why a pod might be in an Evicted state
  2. Why is my ingress not working?
    • Service port not matching pod port
    • Incorrect service label selected
    • No pod endpoints available to send traffic to
  3. Why jobs are failing?
    • Look into the job states
  4. Logs
    • Easily get log outputs into Slack

Just installed k8sBot? Try this!

  1. Set the cluster @k8sbot set cluster <cluster name>
  2. Set the namespace @k8sbot set namespace <namespace name>
  3. List your pods with @k8sbot get pod
  4. Use @k8sbot logs <pod name> to get the logs for one of your pods, right in Slack

Please send us any feedback that you have via telling k8sbot:

@k8sbot feedback <your feedback here>

Don’t forget to include your contact information and contextual information about your feedback (we do not keep any information from the bot).