What is k8sbot?

k8sBot is a next-gen virtual assistant that will help you troubleshoot your applications running on k8s clusters.

Our agent runs in your k8s cluster to gather information from the multiple Kubernetes resources necessary to diagnose a particular issue. Then, our Slack chatbot pulls out the relevant nuggets of information so you don’t have to sift through lines and lines of kubectl cli output.

What does k8sBot do?

K8sBot makes Kubernetes easier to use. We know it’s complex and you need to gather multiple Kubernetes resources to diagnose issues. For example, to get an ingress fully working, you have to first understand how it links to a service and a pod.

K8sBot is for infrastructure engineers and for developers who aren’t focused on Kubernetes every day. We’ll help you avoid frustrating troubleshooting time and find those configuration issues instantaneously.

How it works: